Thursday, November 8, 2012

#8: thirty days of thanksgiving

Doug Fabrizio

SWAG from the KUER Members Benefit Wednesday Night

I've been listening to Doug (pretty much *religiously) since I first became a SAHW (stay at home wife). As a SAHM (mom), he's a pretty normal part of our day.

Doug introduced me to barefoot running, helped alter my perceptions and views about vaccinations, overhauled many serious misconceptions I held about conventional-wisdom in parenting (through the book "NurtureShock"), and continues to challenge my beliefs and world view -- how wonderful!

Through my work on the Howell Campaign I got to meet him in September. Here we are at the Hinckley institute of politics.

We ran into him last night at a KUER benefit held at new Rio Tinto Museum of Natural History. Danny and I visited with Doug about Scott Howell, and touched on the future of politics in Utah. 

FAB-rizio indeed.  

*technically I spend more time a week with Doug than I do at church.

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