Saturday, November 10, 2012

#10: 30 days of Thanksgiving

Here's a few things I was thankful for on Saturday:

Studded snow tires (seriously, we can get ANYWHERE in my car now)

Utah Red Zone: I picked up that darling gingham dress for Zoë she wore to Friday's basketball game

Date-day: so when Danny's aeound, I switch from a Zone Defense with the kids to man-to-man. Usually I'm with Z and he takes Holden (this is also how we do bed time routine because Z still nurses to sleep). But Saturday morning we switched things up, and Holden and I went to the children's theater and saw "Dinosaurs-The Musical!" And Danny and Zoë had a Daddy-Daughter-Date. I picked out Holden's clothes but left Z's wardrobe up to my husband. He did not disappoint...and I mean that in the most beautiful way possible. He got her showered and hen dressed her in black and purple: so they could match each other. What a sweet heart!
She loved the game, and he loves her, and I love them both. 

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