Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bad Guys

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So I've mentioned part of this on facebook, and to a few of you already -- but we have had a lot of "Bad Guy" talk at our house.

The other day I was reading The Economist. It was the issue just following Bin Laden being taken down. Opposite his picture, was a picture of Obama. Holden, interested in what Mommy was doing pointed to the pictures.

I showed him Osama and said "Bad Guy," and then he pointed to Obama and I said "Good Guy." Soon after he started assigning "Good Guy / Bad Guy" to everyone.

  • The dude with his hair slicked back? Bad Guy.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (or "Sharp Tooth" at our house)? Bad Guy
  • Dad? Good Guy... or Happy Guy.

He'll use Good Guy and Happy Guy interchangeably.

The "Bad Guys" are also responsible for a host of problems in our home.

Holden's Blue Bus missing? Bad Guys.
Lovely disappears? Bad Guys.

Mind you, this is not me making the assignments -- it's ALL Cito. Danny tried to tell Holden yesterday that T-Rex was not a bad guy, just misunderstood.I've been on 'repeat mode' with the phrase, "They're not bad guys. Some have just made bad choices."

Today, whilst riding his balance bike into the living room without his helmet, I asked him what was missing from his head. He told me (or at least tried to say) "helmet" to which I responded, "Where did it go?"

He immediately followed up with: "Bad guys took it."

Should I be concerned there are random villains constantly looming throughout my house and causing bedlam and mayhem?

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