Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Theme! (and intentions)

Happy New Year all!

This is a two fold post - first, it serves to get all that resolution crap out of the way. But second, and more importantly, I'm announcing the THEME for 2011! (Can you stand it!)

OK, here's the deal. I'm don't want to make any resolutions this year (they sound so 'U.N. peacekeeping Mission' to me, eh?) Some years I make them (not Un Peace Keeping Resolutions, but just resolutions), and some years I don't...

But I definitely have a "To Do" list.

This year I'd like to:
  • Make my own cheese (even just once)
  • Get a 'real' blog and a grown up website
  • Do the splits
  • Dry tomatoes
  • Plant and harvest potatoes & corn (and a bunch of other stuff; but I didn't do these last time)
  • (Take a more active role?)/ Better support Holden in becoming an EC graduate and Diaper Free!
  • Paint our bedroom "Still Moment" by FreshAire
  • Bottle so many cans of Spaghetti sauce/tomatoes that canned tomato sauce will be rendered useless to me
  • Get a pedicure (at least) quarterly
Moving on:

I like how in a lot of Yoga classes (and I often do this with my students), the instructor will invite you to 'set an intention'. The first time I heard this, I thought "Oh, set a goal." And as if the teacher had read my mind, she said "This is not a goal" and something about the interconnectedness of everything and how setting the intention makes it already realized (which sounds a lot like THE SECRET to me, but I dig it.)

And this year's intentions:
  • Be kinder to my husband, and more patient with my child
  • Eat consciously for a more sustainable planet
  • (a subset of the last bullet point, but a key) Eat animals that have had happy lives (call it wild, free range, or whatever you please. It's more than 'organic'... it's about sustainability and consciousness. Besides, I'm usually a vegetarian in the summer anyway
  • Run, Run, Run
  • Yoga a go-go
  • Make a Baby
Which leads me to the year's theme (and thanks to everyone who submitted ideas):



Melanie said...

Funny that on my blog the #1 thing to look forward to this year is NOT being pregnant. I wish you all the best :). I hope it is heaven :). HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

I have the same goal this year!!! Maybe we can keep each other company (unless you already started). Oh, and I've made my own Mozzarella and ricotta if you interested.