Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

OK, here's our Christmas Family Update. Many of you probably got one in the mail, but I'll put it here for the others interested and a few additions (since time moves so fast in Mangum-land!) ;)

The Bullet Points (aka our 2010 Wrap Up)

Together we

  • Traveled to New York AND Hawaii with Danny’s family
  • Went to California with the Suite-side and hung out with M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E
  • Painted our living/dining room and have (almost) removed all the random blue painter’s tape that keeps showing up sporadically in the crevices
  • Survived assembling a composter for the garden (this is a bigger deal than we are letting on)
  • Spent a lot of time down south (in Saint George) and up north (“Upstate Utah” in Eden) and even took a couple of overnights in Park City


  • Mom = 24/7, doin’ Mom things,
  • Took up running, did a few races, and finished her first marathon (Saint George, Fall 2010)
  • Planted a garden (with Danny & Holden;s help)…and gardened and weeded and gardened some more (the boys were not as active in this part)…and then ate the fruits of our labor.
  • Baked and cooked and read — a lot
  • Tried to save the planet…again
  • Taught some yoga, took some yoga, tried some martial arts yoga, took up HOT yoga
  • Is looking for a new theme for baby #2, but how do you top Holden’s legendary mantra “Procreate in 2008”?!?! (We are not announcing ANYTHING)...Three months until Danny's new *insurance kicks in, so we are in 'practice' verses 'trying' mode.


  • Is in his second year working at Zions Bank and keeps getting promotions despite the recession SCRATCH THAT!
  • Just got a new job working at Mountain West Small Business Finance (my Dad's place of work) as a Credit Analyst. Among many things we will be enjoying with the new job at MWSBF, one key piece is much better Health Insurance (thus the 3 month interregnum to make sure there's not slimy insurance talk for 'pre-existing condition)
  • Spends “free time” (ha!) working with the Scouts and as the Discovery Gateway -- Salt Lake’s Children’s Museum -- Chairman of the Development Committee (Holden loves the fringe benefits that come with Daddy’s community service!)
  • Is still celebrating Brandon Burton’s block at the Utah football game (especially since there wasn't much to cheer for at the Bowl game)
  • Loves to ride his bike and wishes his wife would provide as many opportunities for him to ride as he has provided for her running
  • Perfected his patience through supporting Sabrena in her new hobbies (e.g. organic gardening, bouts of vegetarianism, buying local, finding a free-range turkey from a local farm for Thanksgiving, et cetera, et cetera)
  • Is Holden’s best bud and has already taught his son how to ‘wind up’ before pitching (in our living room, of course)
  • Played a little softball, but not enough.
  • Watched a bit of Sports Center, but not enough (this point is heavily contested in the home, as to how much television is a bit/a lot).
  • Can categorically deny that mushrooms do not make vegetarian pasta sauce “hearty,” despite some very compelling arguments from his wife


  • Loves bay-ball (baseball), boot-ball (football) and bah-ball (basketball)
  • Is a great helper in the kitchen and loves to bake with Mommy
  • Has early signs of a green thumb (if bowling pumpkins in our living room is any indicator?)
  • Prefers to pick and eat cherry tomatoes and carrots from the garden – dirt and all
  • Discovered marshmallows much to his mother’s chagrin (of course I didn’t introduce him!)
  • Is a bibliophile like his mother – favorites include “Andy Warhol’s: Flowers,” “Stephen Colbert’s: I Am America and So Can You” and “Sandra Boyntons: Pajama Time” (lately he's been in-love with this John Deer Flip Book he found at his cousins. I don't think it really fits in with the Michael Pollan flow I'm trying to recreate around here.)
  • Unlike his mom, is a SERIOUS DOG LOVER. He’s already in cahoots with Dad for a puppy…
  • Can speak in tongues, obviously. (We assume that’s what the animal noises are? Maybe it’s just his love of God’s creatures great and small, though he tried to mount an emu at the petting-zoo this fall, so the jury’s still out.)
  • Is an active participant in Mommy & Me Yoga (on and off his mat at the studio) and loves Book Babies at the Library
  • Turns two in February; and is constant entertainment and the main source of joy for his parents.

We’ve had a great year and are thankful for health, happiness and the tremendous opportunities we’ve been given. We hope you and yours are doing well; and wish you all the joys of the season. All our best – Danny, Sabrena & Holden

You can follow our misadventures at

This letter printed on Eco-Friendly “forests paper”- 2 trees planted for every 1 harvested (But this is obviously a digital version...)


P.S. Holden is getting a balance bike for Christmas. I seriously can't wait!


hels said...

happy Christmas Mangums!
we loved getting your photo and update in the mail - we laughed our faces off at your hilarious writing skills. I swear that your future involves writing a best selling book.
love - the farlands

Erin said...

My dear friend! We loved hearing from you! We have an extremely late card to send your way too- but somehow I don't have your address... hmmm. mind sending it again?

That'll be quicker than going through my piles of addresses written on receipts/napkins etc.

maybe this year I'll actually upgrade my method. maybe.