Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Through the Holidaze

So this is the first time in a few years that I haven't posted for the 12 days of Christmas; but my 30 Days of Thanksgiving (ok, 25-plus?) darn-near plumb-posted me out. :) Please say that last sentence with a southern belle accent... or a british accent for kicks.

But there are a few things worth noting (at least that I can remember) that I want to jot down (forgive me if I've already posted these.)

Tis the season:
  • Holden got croup this month. It was really scary for us having never experienced it first hand as parents. Fortunately it was not so bad he had to go to the ER, but we did end up going to the doctors after the worst of it had passed and he got that steroid shot, which made his attention span even smaller than normal. (Ever heard the expression, "You're like a two year old on steroids? Well, maybe we invented it, but with good reason.)
  • Holden still isn't speaking 'properly' (?), but he does think every word has a sound. Not just animals. For example, when I ask him to say "Santa" occasionally, he'll say "anta"... but mostly says "Ho Ho Ho" with inflection on the second Ho. It's really quite adorable.
Our Awesome Little Family posing with "hoHOho" at the Discovery Gateway "Breakfast with Santa" on Saturday. He ate breakfast with us and then we had a whole hour with the children's museum to ourselves... oh, and Santa played too!
  • Holden also likes to run around the house with a clothes basket on his head...usually when he's just in a diaper or training pants. I think he got this one from Danny (not so much the training pants or diaper part. Just thought I'd clarify... stranger things have happened at this house)
  • WE ARE STILL EC-ing. (It's been almost a year and a half!!!) Good thing there are so many environmental benefits, because it's getting long...yes, I know he's not even two yet. People ask me all the time if Holden's potty trained. My response? "Potty-trained, yes. Diaper-free, no," And believe me, there is a difference.
  • This year I feel the most 'ready' for Christmas in the gifts, and cards, and all that jazz arena...but I've felt like I'm lacking in the spiritual side this year. Usually it so much easier for me to feel more spiritually at Christmas time. I haven't had as many experiences this year, but I know I can always 'get that feeling' when I'm holding or snuggling with Holden and I think about Mary caring for her new little babe...and the conditions in which she brought for that child. Then yes, I definitely feel something.

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WIKKY said...

Bummer he had croup. No fun..... Sounds like you are set for Christmas! My brother told me he saw you at church on Sunday so... points for trying on the spiritual aspect!!!! You are awesome! Keepin it real!!! That's what I love about you!!!