Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Procreate in Two-thousand Eight!

Sooooo, I will point out that it’s still 2007, so nobody get any funny ideas about me making an announcement or anything. It’s not like that. But I will say that it’s time to start getting serious about the biological clock that is ticking louder ever day. Danny will be done with his undergrad in the spring, so it’s probably a good time to think about having unprotected sex. ;) HA!

This post is so inappropriate . . . But seriously, it’s on my mind, and with such a catchy title, how could I not post about it? It came to me while I was laying on a massage table, and I almost got up and typed it on my blackberry – but thankfully, I just allowed myself to “be” and committed it to memory for your reading pleasure tonight. . .

Anyway, Danny is a little weary of telling anyone when we’re ready to start having kids… understandably so. I can’t say I blame him … suddenly it’s out in the open that you’re “trying.” What does that mean, except that you’ve added new mean to the phrase “family planning.”

I remember Whitney Hammer (Hall?)’s husband talking about it at our SHS 5-yr reunion (thanks to Anthony Scharrier for putting that bit together). Anyway, he said something about how they had to start going “two-a-day’s” when they were getting serious about getting pregnant. I got a kick out of that.

My friend Christianne and her husband Tim -- just had a baby – CONGRATS! But they used to crack up (or just get annoyed, very fine line) at people that would say “We’re trying.” Seriously, what does that mean? Have you ever thought about that?

I mean, is that really just a PC way of saying “We’re having a lot of unprotected sex?” or is it something more calculated like: “I’m checking my temperature daily” or “We’ve invested in a Kama Sutra from Barnes & Noble and seeing how much yoga classes are paying off?” (Not that I would know anything about that).

The point of this all is . . . well, there isn’t really a point. Just another excuse to talk about sex I suppose. (I’ve been reading those “Twilight*” vampire books for the last two weeks, and they’re just so sensual and titillating . . . I think it’s done something to my psyche).

But the non-point is . . .

We’re not pregnant. We’re not “trying”... but just because you’re not “trying,” I don’t think that should stop anyone from stopping by Barnes and Noble after an invigorating session of yoga. ;)

Namaste my Pretties!

(Danny and I makin' out in Paris . . . oh, we are sooo scandalous!)

*Twilight and the other books, Half Moon and Eclipse are by Stephanie Meyer. Danny was annoyed I was so involved with them to begin with, but he’s kind of reaped the fringe benefits as of late... so no harm, no foul. Anyway, I finished the series last night – “Are you thinking about Edward Cullen?” ;)

PS. Danny’s hosting my belated (Dirty Thirties) b-day party is this Saturday night in Holladay. You can check out the eVite invitation by copying and pasting into your browser.


Melissa said...

Hilarious! Seriously, I've always thought "we're trying" was a pretty funny thing to say as well. by the way, my husband wanted me to mention that he is a loyal "Suite Spot" reader. (He flies Southwest regularly)...

Blamires Family said...

i love this post... you just crack me up. Just finishing new moon and can't wait to get one with eclipse- good reads. Man, you b-day bash sounded like a party. hope it went will. love ya forever and seriously am dying to just catch up with the last 10 years of our lives.

Anonymous said...
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