Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Watch -- Weekend Warriors?

So, not much to report as far as Holden’s arrival. I thought he was coming last Saturday (no dice). Then I thought he was waiting for his Dad to get one final ski day in (happened, but no change in status). Yesterday I was convinced he was waiting until post inauguration because he was kicking and moving and was so excited… I thought, “He really is waiting for Obama to be our president before he comes here.”

Let's recap (you've heard most of this before, but it bears repeating -- mostly just because I'm rambling and clearing my mind):
  • I made cookies to take to the hospital for the attending staff. 
  • His nursery is ready. 
  • His clothes have been washed in organic detergent (I think I've mentioned that already).
  • We’ve got every kind of diaper imaginable to see what works best for him (from pampers and swaddlers to “seventh generation disposable chlorine free,” “gDiapers” and a couple of brands of cloth – hemp, cotton and the like).
  • I’ve got clothes to wear après delivery (really cute pjs from Nordies and Dillards). 
  • Our “to go” bags are packed even though I think we’ll have hours before we need to rush to the hospital. 
  • The house smells like a lavender plantation. 
  • I’ve been drinking raspberry leaf tea and doing some other “things” to help kick start the process. 
  • I’ve had energy work done, purchased “Chakra Spray” from Aveda and have even scheduled a pedicure to see if we can incorporate a little acupressure 
But yet, Holden has yet to arrive.

It’s not that I’m impatient (ok, I’m kind of impatient)… and surprisngly it’s not that I’m miserable (a little puffy, but not really uncomfortable)…it’s just that I’m so excited for him to come!

Tatum (his 5 year old cousin) told me yesterday "he’s coming in 3 days"… does she know something I don’t know? Probably. 

Also Danny gave me a beautiful blessing last night; but used the phrase “last few days of pregnancy" a couple of times – so I think the Lord’s timing is going to be more in line with my due date than an early arrival. (Yeah, I need to remind myself Holden's not even due until this weekend...and it's my first, so statistically speaking, he'd be later than earlier, eh?)

Thank goodness there’s plenty to occupy my time with…I ought to enjoy these last few days of me time, I guess. It sounds like it will never happen again.  

Bless my heart and my sausage fingers.