Saturday, July 11, 2009

Week(odds and) End/s

Television I'm Actually Ok With...

So I just found my new favorite way to post pictures (next to mass production on Facebook). I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually, but I'm enjoying it for now.

These pics were taken last Father's Day. Cicely has Faye's blessing at her in-laws and the television shows a few pics of Holden trying to sit at 'the big kids table.'

My Great and Spacious Building
Before Holden and I got sick, we were taking walks in the morning. (Well, I walked; he kicked it in the Jeep pouch and sometimes fell asleep.) But I'd always find a way to wind back into Choke Cherry Drive (Lane?) and look at this house.
I love it. Even though there's nothing practical about it, except for the 2500 sq feet of open space (I think the whole house is like 6000 sq ft) to host the best parties in the world (or at least in our postal district... I certainly wouldn't try to compete with the Sundance crowd..) I imagine cooking in the stainless steel kitchen, taking in the gorgeous views of the valley, parking our hybrid SUV (yes, still dreaming) in the 4 car-plus garage; inviting family and friends over, and Holden learning to crawl on floors (did I mention there's 2500 sq feet of open space?!?!)

My relatives would hate it. People would make comments like 'their place just isn't homey' and 'it just doesn't seem liveable' .... and comment about how they 'would never want a place like that'... but I would hardly care. Because I think it's awesome.

To me, this place is a work of art. And listed (yes, it's for sale) at just under $2.5 mil, I'm sure Danny and I are just (more than) a life time from owning it.

Heavy sigh,

Well, it's not really homey and probably isn't really livable anyway (what would we do with the elevator shaft and the stairs alone would obvious be a nightmare with children?!?!).

Oh well... at least I've got really cool neighbors (or at least neighbors with a really cool house).

Money in Your Pocket
PS. My mom still wants to give you a grand.