Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Help (for your hair) in the Recession -OR- FREE HAIR CUTS! (plus tip)

So I heard on (NPR's) Diane Rehm the other day that the political heads-and-such are referring to our current economic trauma as 'The Great Recession.' (As opposed to the Great Depression, which I was convinced I had a case of apres college: turns out I was just recovering from living in Happy Valley and as a consequence ended up listening to Elliott Smith too much...)

Any-who: Feel like the economy's got you cutting back on everything?

Call Kerri! 801.859.5542

Well my pretties, just because the money tree isn't growing this season, it does not mean your hair needs to suffer. (I should talk, I finally got mine trimmed for the first time postpartum.)


Call Kerri! 801.859.5542

Ever heard me talk about Logan?

Here we are at cutting a rug at my wedding reception...
I found Logan less than two months after Danny and I started dating; and he's been a staple in my life ever since:
  • sleek blowouts
  • bridals (not "up-do's" pray-tell... just lush locks")
  • my wedding & reception
  • cuts
  • and of course, 'girl talk' (aka stylist-client-chat)
Call Kerri! 801.859.5542
In fact, he took me from here:
(these pics are repeats)

To here:

Locks of Love was, needless to say, loving it...

So, what does this have to do with the recession?

Call Kerri! 801.859.5642

Well lovelies, Logan's got himself an apprentice. Say it with me - "HUZZAH!"

"Kerri" is in her seventh month of apprenticeship and is currently offering FREE cuts, blowouts and the like (you just pay tip)... PLUS, color? Well, you just cover the cost of the color, but her time, attention and creative process are FREE (again, just a nice tip so you're not being tacky, dear).

So, she's only got this offer for a couple of months so CALL HER! She gave me her private cell to book appointments 801.859.5542. (I told her I was going tell all my SL friends; and she's thrilled to get your call.)

She'll do your hair at the Sugarhouse Landis Aveda locale (swanky, swanky!) And if you're the least bit worried about her not being ABSOLUTELY FAB-U-LOUS, Logan endorses her... and that's enough for me.

He actually told me, when I asked if he'd 'fix things' if it didn't work out, he just smiled (looking at me with a "crazy child" grin), laughed softly and said, "I won't need to, I mean 'sure.' But I won't need to. She's more type A than I am."


The Fine Print
*Offer good in Salt Lake only and for a limited time. Out-of-towners will need to fly in to visit me and take advantage of this 'friends of Sabrena' discount!


Sherri said...
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Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

If you guys had tried the earlier number I posted it said 801.859.5642.

After taking a closer look at her business card (the number was written with a sharpie, so cut me some slack!) it looks more like 801.859.5542.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Lindsay S said...

I am sooo there. I need a haircut so bad and I usually get my hair done in St. George but am not going. I am excited. Also..we sold the jogging stroller and baby clothes. I will let you know when I have more clothes though. THanks again for the free haircut tip!

Erin said...

Oh how I wish I could be there to take advantage. NYC prices? Forget about it. My hair is getting majorly neglected because of the dang recession.