Monday, August 31, 2009

The Republicans Send me a Letter...

A couple of weeks ago, I got a surprising piece of mail – it was officially titled ‘Republican Senate Leadership Survey.’ It was addressed to me – well sort of “Sabrena Mangum.” (Am I mistaken in assuming the Republicans don’t really go for hyphenated females? Is this part of their platform? I know my church had a hard time understanding it…)

So they send me this letter, and among other things it says:

“…The only truly effective way for our Party to regain the ability to shape the policies coming out of Washington is to elect more Republicans to the U.S. Senate in 2010.

That’s why I MUST find out – as soon as possible – where loyal grassroots Republicans like you stand on the most important issues facing our nation today.”

Oh goodie! Someone’s asking for my opinions!?!?!


So the accompanying survey? It has all these great questions like:

“In general, are you pleased with the direction of our nation?”
“Do you believe public schools k-12, should be funded by the federal government?”
“Are you in favor of creation of a new federal government bureaucracy to oversee and administer healthcare insurance, set prices for health services and act as the ‘single payer’ of all healthcare expenses?”

Um… Sure!

Ok, I actually responded ‘yes’ but I was hoping they’d let me add comments. I mean no one’s happy about the Great Recession, job loss, global warming, etc… but as far as the DIRECTION of our Nation? Well, I feel like we’ve take a u-turn from the Bush Administration, and that direction change I am definitely happy about.)

They continue with questions that ask me to grade the importance of issues like:
- “Stopping the expansion of federal welfare programs”
- “Scrutinizing Obama’s Judicial nominees”
- “Stopping Passage of amnesty for illegal immigrants”

All to which I responded ‘not important.’

I actually had a blast filling this thing out. I even made Danny answer it not knowing how I responded just to see how we line up … pretty equally yoked I’d say. (We only had three different answers – but the same ideology governed our choice.)

So then they asked me what other issues I thought were important – running the gamut from Economic Agenda, Retirement Security, Homeland Security, Foreign Policy, Family Agenda, Social Issues, and the Future of the Republican Party.

So I put ’Universal Single Payer Public Health Care’ (Universal and Public are much more pleasant words than ‘government bureaucracy’ eh?) and of course “the environment and fighting global warming.” How surprised was I to find no questions asking about ‘happy feet’ and the polar ice caps?!?!?

I get it that Republicans and Conservatives love this country just as much as their Blue-counterparts across the line… But when they asked:
“Will you help build a strong foundations of Republican grassroots support to ensure the future of the Republican Party and the conservative principles that we champion?”

I looked to Nancy Regan and her ‘war on drugs’ in the 80s so I could ‘JUST SAY NO.”

By the way, I just picked up the day’s USPS and “MS. SABRENA MANGUM” has received more mail! This one is titled the “STOP OBAMA SURVEY.” Man I love giving feedback – especially about politics. Is it Christmas time already?