Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 11 Months Little bits

I cannot believe there is only one month to go and this kid turns one!
(It's always crazy to me thinking back where we were almost a year ago.)

December and the Holidays always seem to fly by anyway, but a little snapshot of this past month:

It was your first Christmas.
You're standing and balancing - sometimes for even 30 seconds.
You took your first steps this month.
You've weaned from your bottle - seriously, we haven't used one in a couple of weeks (and it has been a super easy transition.)
You play 'so big/squat low' like a champ.
You say 'Mamamama', which is adorable (obviously), but I was trying to teach you to say Dad first (especially for late night wake-up calls!)
You love to knock down building block towers (well, we think you like it. You never laugh after you knock them down... you just kind of give us this look like 'get that outta here!')

You're sleeping better - naps are getting pretty regular (at 11 mos, it's about time eh?) and sometimes even pure bliss...Nighttime bed routine is a sippy cup of mommy's milk, "Goodnight Moon" & "I love you Goodnight," prayers, and then 5 minutes of snuggles and you're out (most of the time - though there are always exceptions... like last night for instance).

You are a blessing, a joy and a wonder in our lives, Holden. Hope you enjoy the New Year and this great big planet... it's a much better place with you here.

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Alicia said...

He's so cute!!!! I can't believe it's been 11 months either. He is such a wonderful boy.