Friday, January 8, 2010

Holiday Pictures - FINALLY POSTED!

Well, I finally got our Christmas and New Years pictures posted to FB. But, of course, in true Suite-Mangum style, I will give you a little snapshot of what the album entails.

The highlights:

Our little Reign-Dear on Christmas Eve... It was indeed a Christmas Miracle he kept the antlers on long enough to catch this picture. Sure he doesn't look too thrilled, but being adorable is hard work (at least that's what I remember from the golden years.)

I think Holden looks old(er?) in this picture... maybe it's how he's wearing his shirt is (all cool-guy sleeves rolled up, etc), or something. But for some reason or another, I really like this picture. For starters - when did my hair that long?!?! (We just chopped it two years ago!) And my cheeks are all sucked in so it takes away from my Christmas (and post-preggers) belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly (is self-deprecation still 'IN' for 2010, or is it passe?)...Either way, praise for you soft lighting, kabuki brushes and bronzing powder.

I already blogged about this once... but my wrapping creations felt like they were getting more creative, and better looking with each passing December day. I felt like Christmas Eve under our tree looked like an artistic mess.

Christmas Day at Holden's Great Grandma's (G.G. as we've deemed her, for 'Grandma Great!') He's sporting his new digs he picked out at the Children's Place outlet in Saint George and a knitted cap his Daddy wore in his youth. I mentioned on fb that I think he looks like an extra from Leatherheads --if George Clooney(sp) and Rene Zelwegger(sp) were babies. I liked that movie; Danny slept through it. That has nothing to do with Christmas.

Just settled down for a long winter's nap?
Before we even made it to GG's, we took a detour on the Holiday Express and stopped off at Danny's parents (more presents?!?!? Goodness gracious!) Holden was exhausted but managed to work in a little nap on his Aunt's Bed (thanks Anne!). It's times like these I am so thankful I have *good sleeper... it seems like all the kid needs is a car seat or a mattress (any mattress mind-you) and he can snuggle in. (A lovie and an adult to cuddle with does wonders as well.)

Christmas Morning with the Cousins.
Mama Suite and Grandpa TOM (The Old Man - my old man, that is) gave the Suite grandkids PJs Christmas Eve afternoon. We went over to my parent's after we had opened our presents at home.

New Year's Eve was spent up at the Mangum get-away in Eden.
The place has plenty of room for Holden; and Danny's parents had brought ALL THREE DOGS! Which is a total treat for Holden because he, like his father and most of the Mangum side of the family -- extended and all --are all dog lovers. Me? I love animals, and am happy to give money to the Sierra Club, etc to help protect God's Creation... but I wouldn't really say I'm a dog lover. Yeah, I wouldn't say that at all. But if you're going to have dogs around, at least these ones don't attack my child when he tries to 'pet' them and instead rips out their hair or tries to take off a dog ear (we're still in the teaching mode.) So the dogs were there, and Holden was in heaven. Danny was in heaven because of the Big Screen TV the size of Texas in the basement.
It was also Holden's maiden sledding voyage. The preparation looked like a scene from 'The Christmas Story." Thankfully the kid EC's so I could potty him before the 30 layers were on. All that for about 8 minutes in the snow.

Happy New Year All.

*Good sleeper is really a relative term, isn't it? But I really feel like what we have 'works'... so to each his own, eh? And a shout-out to 'The No-Cry Sleep Solution" for the blessing it's been for us.


Erin said...

Sounds like a beautiful Christmas. I love the pic of him in his matching Christmas jammies with all the cousins! What a big boy!

P.S. you look BEAUTIFUL. Your long hair even gave me long hair envy again even though I just got rid of mine.

the farlanderz said...

antlers! love that cute family of yours!

and loved your christmas card, especially the middle photo=fave!