Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holy Crap!!! (Part 2)

So I am feeling a little pride in my cells (I know, I will repent later)... you know, the kind when you get a little giddy and feel like you have a secret to share because there is so much excitement in your body and it feels like your cells are dancing?

My old boss at SkyWest used to say that drinking fresh squeezed orange juice from Market Street made her cells dance.

Anyway, remember how I just told you about my (so-called) crazy EC experience? Did you even notice that a FAMOUS person posted in my blog comments?!?!?

Laurie Boucke... seriously LAURIE BOUCKE?!?!

That may not mean much to you, but she's pretty much a famous celebrity in Infant Potty Training circles. Call her the Potty Whisperer. (Danny said it's funny who I'm considering 'famous' these days in the new circles I run in.)

I knwo you don't know whether to take me seriously or not, because just a few years ago I was writing for travel magazines about swanky resorts in Oregon with 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and martini bars, but I can't help but be honored to have her comment on my blog.

Feels really....validating, you know?

Oh, and in case you didn't know -

-I voted for Obama
-We own a Subaru and up until a few month's ago had two of them
-I also have been known to use crystal deodorant from time to time (I have to play mind games and tell myself that it 'works' or else my armpits will not get the message and -as Junie B. Jones would say = 'smell like stink.' Just wanted to clear that up; my mom said I offended a bunch of people.

I love you people. Thanks for spending some time here with me, my busy brain and my antics.

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Erin said...

That's cool Sabrena- I feel honored because she responded to my comment personally. :) I'm excited to look into the stuff she mentioned and give this whole thing a try!