Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Randoms are Back

Grand Old Party
Holden turns 1 on February 1st. We are having an 'Elephant' themed party in honor of his favorite Hindu God - Ganesh.Holden Eating his favorite Ganesh Toy

Ganesh (a more easily recognized photo... also Holden is not eating his face.)

I sent out a few invitations to family and a couple of friends. Our friends (who happen to live in our basement and listen to Glen Beck) asked if we were having a Republican themed party. Guess the jokes on me, but I don't even know if there is an Indiana God that's a donkey... and if so, Holden definitely does not own any toys of said variety.

Plastic Guns
I remember a quote by Andy Warhol where he talked about how if you really love something, you want to be it. "...I love plastic. I want to be plastic," he said. Last week one of our dinner guests said "I love guns." (Awkward silence for humanity.)

Kim K
I hate that I like Kim Kardashian. I think it's because she's all curvy and dark...and because I secretly wished that my curves looked more like her curves instead of Grimace. It was reported that Reggie Bush (her beau) said he would propose if the Saints won the Superbowl. I do love Peyton Manning, as he was starting his career with the Colts when I was living in Indiana, but I'll have to go with the Saints this year. (If this sports-speak doesn't make sense to you, ask your husband...if you're my sister Cicely, ask my husband...because hers will be of no help. Also, Danny just looked over my shoulder and informed the engagement thing has no more merit.)

"I was running"
So I ran a 5 k this weekend in St George. At the starting line, I looked at Danny and said, "I kind of wish I would've trained."

I am having problems walking today. I am out of shape (obviously), but I plodded the whole 3.2 miles. FYI: Plodding is like jogging, but you can get passed by people speedwalking... or just walking, period... so I'm not really comfortable calling it running. Though if you filmed me, and watched it on fast forward, it might resemble something like running. I was just celebrating because I'm finally at a point where I don't have to ace bandage my stomach and chest to do aerobic activity.

Pump It, Pump It... Pum, Pump It Up!
The countdown is on. Seven more days and I ditch the Medela. If Holden was still 'latching,' I'd let him lead the weaning process. But he completely quit that at four I am looking forward to not being a Jersey Cow anymore. Hail Bessie the KJQ milkbeast.

In the Interest of Full Disclosure
Danny said it was actually Parowan, not Scipio. Just so we're straight on that...


Caitlyn said...

whoot, whoot for the 5K runner.
and a whoot, whoot, whoot for Holden turning 1 and ditching the pump.

Cicely said...

Oh, the joy that reading your blog brings.

I really watched you "plodding" in fast forward in my head and for some reason it was hilarious to me. It was more like a a 50 year-old in a red 80's jogger suit with a white stripe down the side of it with blue keds and a sweatband with your face. Oh, and she sort of was walking like she was trying to get away from her own bum.

This isn't exactly what I was looking for, but it will do.

Cicely said...

When seeing this picture, David said, "there is Danny."

It was more funny in real life.

corinne said...

i giggled at your description of your 5k, because you exactly described what i do when i "run" (as i like to call it... although it is not running in any sense of the word). i am officially going to start training this week for the 10k on the 24th of july. you should join me! it is great fun. last year i did it in just under 24 hours. i hope to cut that down a bit this year.

Danny Mangum said...

Funny Cicely,funny

the farlanderz said...

haha, republican party party, kill me, love the randoms!