Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cracker (Jacked) Up.

Along with cooking more meals at home, I've been experimenting with home made snack foods-- first there was granola, and most recently: CRACKERS. And before you think I'm completely over the top, let me preface this post by saying that both of the recipes I've tried take (about or) less than 30 minutes (including cooking time).

Danny loves Wheat Thins, but as you may remember I basically threw out the processed food in our house trying to live a somewhat devoted life to the gospel of Pollan. (Thankfully his 'good news' doesn't interfere with my standing in the LDS church.)

Also, it seemed odd to be giving Holden 'organic crackers' that were enriched (code for 'we've taken everything out, so we have to put the good stuff back in.') I don't cook with 'organic raisin paste,' so it seemed a little odd to be giving him crackers with it and a 'vitamin mineral blend' with cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12? He gets it through his milk already). Organic Schmanik - right?

So I tried making whole wheat crackers first (whole wheat flour and rye flour). Holden likes them --especially with roasted red pepper & garlic spread... I think they need about 2 more tablespoons of salt AND a whole lot of butter. I am not wasting 'good carbs' on organic crackers. I love food too much. but little bits will eat them, and I know where EVERYTHING came from.

But I found this recipe for DIY Wheat Thins for Danny. They obviously weren't an exact match. First, I should've made them thinner. Second, a bit less sugar, and Third: more salt! But Danny said they have the "Wheat Thin aftertaste" so I'll take it as a compliment and keep working on my form.

Have I mentioned I married a very patient man who puts up with a lot?


Spencer Davis said...

This is just getting too weird. I think your crackers look like little tiles. Very appetizing.

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

Oddly enough Spence, 24 hours later and they are as hard as terra cotta tiles (sp?) ... so there may be something to your thinking.

dynamike said...

I love this idea- Jonah continues to be pretty picky (though he did try an edamame and a homemade sweet potato french fry in the same day, so maybe we're making progress??)
Anyway, he's a total carb man and LOVES snacky food. I'd feel so much better about it if I knew where all the ingredients came from. I'm totally trying this recipe out- thanks for sharing!