Monday, March 8, 2010

A lovee in the tubby?

Today Holden wanted to bring a lovey into the shower. (So along with some variety of co-sleeping, communal showers are a pretty standard part of the routine here.)

Sure it's nice to have the bathroom all to yourself, but I'd rather be doing a quick clean-up or cooking while he's sleeping. So sometimes I get company during my 'me' time. But that's beside the point...

The Master of Disaster at Work
He decides he wants to bring his blue lovey (or small blanket) into the shower. (Yes, he has more than one thankfully; since I seem to have already lost two of them. Again, not winning any Mom of the Year awards-even if I do cook a lot. Did I mention I still haven't found his Robeez? Ugh, I wish I had it more together.)

So the shower? My initial reaction was 'blankets do not belong in showers' obviously.

But then I think, does it really matter if he brings his blanket it the shower? After all, it's only 12" x 12"? It's not like it's a comforter, or something. And I need to wash it anyway. So what's the harm?

But then I think, what if I'm supposed to be setting boundaries?...And I'm setting him up for uncontrollable behaviour because I left the flood gates open with the blanket in the bathtub? Gaaah! This single parenting decision could be the fork in the road that leads my child to a career of riotous living because his mom could not say "No."

This was it... and Danny was not even here to discuss the 'major parenting decisions.' We had committed to working out the tough child rearing issues together. But Papa Mangum was no where to be found (ok, he was actually at work, but still...)

I was flying solo.
I made my decision, and there was no turning back.

The lovey joined us. (Please note our awesome 1970s throw-back tile & tub.)

Later that day I recounted the decision debacle to Danny's Aunt, who in her infinite wisdom talked me off my proverbial motherhood-ledge: "I think everyone should have a lovey in the shower."

Yeah, me too.

You know, maybe his entire future doesn't rest on a piece of polyester sateen...


Staci said...

i love harm done. I agree though with the shower thing..there are other things i much rather get done while he naps and shower is not one of them...miles takes showers w/ me and now he has gotten to the point where he doesn't even want me in there he takes his own showers. I cant remember the last bath he took.

Cicely said...

I think lovey in the tub proves what a good mother you are.