Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Easter Wishes

Happy Easter all... and now, the obligatory pictures of my kid gettin' his Easter on and other Spring Going's-On at the Mangum Casa:

Holden showcasing his Easter Basket, ready for Eggs & Other goodies
We grew the wheat grass thanks to Erin & Marie (more on this later)


Our Organic Free-range Brown Eggs dyed with Natural Colorings
(beet juice, carrot juice and coffee grinds - more on this later too)

Below: Easter Morning up at Grandpa & Grandma's in Eden
(aka Upstate Utah) -
Holden discovers what the Easter Bunny left in his basket
The best kind of candy: Mandarin Oranges!
He was actually a lot more thrilled about his 'fruit eggs'
than these pictures would let on.

Before the day was over, Holden got invited by some neighborhood friends to attend an Easter-egg hunt at their home. He really enjoyed it; and although he kept getting sidetracked discovering other treasures besides eggs, he had a great time... and even found some eggs.

Holden, Daddy and Edison
(our host and the brains behind the Great Hunt)
showcasing Holden's prizes!

I think Danny took this picture... our little guy looks happy and tired.

Big Day. Good Day. Awesome Kid. Awesome Husband.
Charmed Life.

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Cicely said...

Two things:

-First, Dave wants to know if you can smoke that grass.

-Second, I want to know too. So I can dispose of it for you.