Friday, August 20, 2010

More Carrots

Holden likes to pick the carrots, and I like to take pictures of him picking them.

Also, I know that it looks like he has a ginormous diaper on, but it's his awesome training pants. Huzzah!


Melissa: said...

okay, that is a darling picture. Such a cute boy. I'm glad you are having fun with your garden. It is such a miracle and so rewarding...I wish I had gotten my act together this year and planted one. I love the different colored carrots, how cool is that??

QNC said...

Oh my gosh. So adorable. You know, he's pretty dang cute and I do live close enough I could easily kidnap him and keep him as my own... You should post less precious pictures of him.

Spencer Davis said...

These posts just keep getting better and better. I guess the only way this one could have been more interesting would be if you could have given another shot of those purple carrots.

Cicely said...

(silently laughing).

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