Sunday, October 31, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving

Happy 'Official" Halloween all.

Holden's First Halloween - October 2009

Just so we're clear. I live in Utah, so unless the holiday is Christmas or Easter, it's not getting celebrated on a Sunday...and certainly not a pagan orgy-fest like the 31st of October.

Besides, we passed out most of the good candy last night. Though in a shocking twist, along with the full-size candy bars, etc we gave out I had also added some organic Annie's Chocolate Graham Cracker Bunnies and Vegan "No preservatives" Fruit/Nut Bars. The punchy pink and green packaging was so alluring, a bunch of kids grabbed them before they could think to opt for a Snickers or Bag of skittles! Ha! I am so tricky.

Anyway, once we run out of Snickers tonight, we're giving toothbrushes to the heathens that have the audacity to come to our door on the Sabbath. :)

But moving on:

So it's a fact that I blog more in the Winter. Something about shutting one's self indoors when the weather is cold and slushy. I love being curled up on the couch with my thoughts, a warm beverage, a computer and just have a chance to free-write. Since I'm no longer a 'professional writer' (if my moonlighting as a magazine writer could ever really be called that), sometimes it really is nice to just be in the habit of writing.

You know what's another great habit? Gratitude.

That's right people...being thankful.

Not that I'm a glass half-empty type of gal; but there really is nothing to boost your spirits like finding the little things in life you're grateful for (and because I have a lot of random pictures of Holden that don't really merit an entire post), I'm going to work on micro-blogging in November.

During the month of Thanksgiving, I'm going to post every day...something I'm thankful for. It could be something grand and meaningful like my family, or something just freaking fabulous... like toe socks. Who knows? Guess you'll just have to come see to find out.

Let the attitude of gratitude begin!


Melanie said...

THANK YOU for not making it Christmas already! I LOVE that you handed out "granola" bars. That is a FABULOUS idea I might pick up next year!

hels said...

YAY! I can't wait to read then all -

Meesh said...

Love the month of thanks! Can't wait to read your posts. I wish I had started with ya, although I may do one later in the month cause I have much to be grateful for.