Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Eight

This may sound crazy, but I am grateful for my body. And that's saying a lot coming from me... I've spent more than my share of 'therapy sessions' talking about my body issues over the years. Most of my life has been tarnished by the false belief that life would be soooo much better if I were just thin.

I had pretty much resolved myself to being the fun-fat kid.

But today, I'm telling you - it's time to be grateful for this skin. And not because I'm a size 4 or anything of the sort (because I'm not. Not even close!) But because of what this body can do:

This body was a highschool athlete.
This body played college volleyball.
This body did a sprint triathalon.
This body yogas a go-go.
This body birthed a baby.
This body was a human dairy farm.
This body ran 26.2 miles.

I'm not even sure what this body is capable of....isn't that freakishly fabulous?!?!?

After my finish at the Park City Pink Half-Marathon - mid october
Holden wasn't stoked to see me; he wanted to play in the hottub at the hotel

See, I don't want to miss an opportunity to appreciate what I've got now. Because I look back of pictures of me in highschool, from my swim-team days when you could practically stick a can of coke on my bubble-but looked like a genetic cross between J.Lo and Kim K...ghetto booty! But I was frustrated because my body made it hard to find prom dresses. I was strong and athletic...though all I saw was B-I-G.

Fast forward, the summer after college graduation...My first 'sprint triathlon.' I actually won my division. But I was far from content when I looked in the mirror.

And in a year from now (or whenever it is after we get pregs), when the baby's out and my uterus is making it's way back to a normal size, and my breasts look like two giant watermelons attached to my post-preggers-plump body, I WILL BE JEALOUS of what I look like today...

And I will long to fit into a single-digit dress size, let alone a pair of *my skinny jeans.
And I will be tempted to say "Why didn't I appreciate what I looked like then?!?!"

But I won't have to say that, now will I? Because I am thankful for what I have today...

PS. Special thanks to the Hammer Sisters for forwarding this awesome article my way that inspired today's post. You should definitely check it out.

*One woman's skinny jeans is another woman's maternity pant.... I'm just sayin'.

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Cicely said...

I know what you mean. I looked awesome when I played volleyball, but I NEVER thought so. And even though I'm not completely happy with my body now- I try to love the skin I'm in.

and you do look awesome! You deserve to love your body.