Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Six

Pumpkin Centerpieces at Dinner Parties.

I love dinner parties.
I love plum chutney made from fruit trees my grandparents planted and Holden helped pick; tomatoes for caprese that Little Bits help cultivate in our planter boxes that Danny built and centerpieces from gourds we grew in the backyard. (No seriously, we grew ALL of those pumpkins!!!)

I love napkin rings, pressed linens, whipped honey butter and Lavender Artisan bread (yep, also made from scratch).

Mostly I love the people around the table.

To me, cooking is art.
And I never feel more artistic than when I cook for loved ones from scratch.


Cicely said...

You feel artistic when you cook for people? I just feel bad for the people I cook for.


ashli said...

look at you!