Sunday, November 28, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Twenty-Eight

OK, the path of not-so-dedicated posting has continued... can I make them up for extra credit? Is later better than never. Do posts filled with more than one piece of gratitude make up for the lack of days? Is it more important to keep the number of posts consistent or is it more about my conscience saying "you said you would post every day" that is really the issue?

Only time will tell.

Right now I am in the play room with my toddler who is sporting his red "Utes" sweatshirt and holding onto his Ute football, rolling around the ground pretending to recover a fumble (our Friendters' bedroom is directly below. I bet they are thrilled with this at 7 am on a Sunday morning. But like Q said, "He's so cute he can get away with a lot more." (So true.)

Let me get right to the point on this snowy Sunday morning in the S-L-C. (Since I've been babbling for the past 3 paragraphs).

After Saturday Night's Game. The girl taking the picture was so cold and excited she couldn't stop shaking; so this is the best photo-op we got. :)

(Of course) I 'm grateful the Utes won.
I'm thankful I got to spend the game in the company of my husband.
I'm thankful for the 7th-row 50-yard line seat hook-up from my old man.
I'm grateful for the two zoobie fans sitting next to us that were civil and good-natured.
(Danny and I are ALWAYS next to someone from that team down south when we go to the Holy War Game...doesn't matter if it's the muss or crimson club 50-yard line. How does that happen?)
I'm grateful for those handwarmers that I stuck in the bottom of my boots so my piggie-toes didn't get frost bite.
I'm grateful for hot chocolate (really the only thing worth consuming at a ball game..I tried the pizza, gag!)
And I'm thankful for Brandon Burton.

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hels said...

#1 - GO UTES!
#2 - photo of Holden in Ute gear please?
#3 - please continue the babbling, I enjoy it so.
#4 - previous post on 'In Defense of Food' and 'Born to Run' = awesome.
#5 - happy late thanksgiving.
loves -