Saturday, December 4, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving: 30-ish?

OK, I know I didn't exactly complete my 30-day Thanksgiving challenge; but I came close, and the month was filled with gratitude.

Speaking of Thanksgiving; we spent the Holiday up at "The Barn." It's the Mangum's second home in Upstate Utah (aka Ogden Valley) and our dear friend Allison Davis took family photos of the entire Mangum clan.

Personally, I didn't think we could get any cuter than last year's bit...I mean we did go with the whole "christmas a sweater" thing. But I think these look great. (Wait, did I saw "we?" I meant Holden...)

Not that you care, but Danny even picked out my coat as a present. He is so metro with his keen shopping eye.

I'll be posting more pics when the CD arrives.

Thanks Allison!!!!


Melanie said...

Lady, you are looking GOOD! Seriously. So skinny and that HAIR!

ashli said...

ditto to the first comment! you look fantastic! where is the cute coat from?

hels said...

you look amazing! yoga/running do a body good eh?
I need to step it up, you inspire me.

sarah said...

"What's happenin' HOT STUFF???

um hello gorgeous- you look absolutely stunning. hope I get one of those in the mail. what an adorable little fam you have. keep it up girl. loves.