Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chapter 3 (Adventures in Raw Food-Day 3 of the Week-long Challenge))

I dreamt I ate chicken last night...and I still woke up kind of hungry. But it doesn't take much to take that 'edge' off. For breakfast, a banana and some fresh juiced pineapple did the trick.

Holden was under the weather yesterday so last night was a little rough (not just the poultry nightmares). Danny got the shakes all of the sudden and cursed: "I can't live off this food. I'm a high performance athlete!" We chuckled together as he hasn't worked out in almost a week.

Today is supposed to be the hardest day. But I can't imagine feeling worse than I did at yoga yesterday morning. Six in the morning can be painful in of itself. But the 90 minutes of 106-degree room and what felt like 90% humidity (though it was probably closer to 40) seemed to force my body into an early purge of emotion and toxins.

I kept having to stop and take breaks... which is not my norm for most-things-physical: I'm more of one to 'push through' the uneasiness. More than a few times I would stand up and the room started getting black spots all over it, my ears got that weird hollowing sound, I was swaying back and forth and couldn't hear what the instructor was saying.

Eventually we made it down to the ground and as I lay on the floor, my hands got really tingly (like when your leg falls asleep) and my fingers started curling into themselves. I looked down and my hands -- they suddenly appeared to have Bikram-onset-rheumatoid-arthritis.

It was all really strange.

And I had RSVP'd for the Advanced session that evening.

I kept thinking to myself there is no way I can do this.
Who knew fruits and veggies were so dark and powerful?

But the day continued, I drank a bunch of water, took a nap with Holden (oh the bliss of just one child!), had some lettuce & guacamole wraps and found myself getting dressed for yoga.

Then Holden puked all over me.

And by the time I got in the car at six pm I was wondering if the universe was sending me a message -- like maybe you've had enough for today?

I vowed if I got in a car accident on the way to the studio, I'd know it wasn't meant to be.
But I made it; and the class was full and the energy was amazing. (A few of the people in the class compete at the Yoga Asana National Championships... which sounds like an oxymoron to me, but it's their thing... not mine.) It is inspiring what they can do with their minds and bodies.

And as I mentioned last night, I had one of the best classes of my life. And I was the least tired I've ever been in one of those classes. And it was like I had given a new lease on life; and my body was a little more bendy, and my heart felt a little more full and my cells seemed reenergized.

**Alternate Indie Film Post Ending**
And Holden puked on Danny while I was gone.

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Cicely said...

What are you, the Black Swan? Why are you doing this to yourself?

"She needs food."