Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 5: March Madness

The bullet points to kick off Day 5 of my week-long Vegan Raw Food challenge.
  • Scale says 138.5 Is this a detox or a crash diet? That's a pound a day.
  • Omar's again last night: For dessert I indulged in a raw lemon pie with strawberries. it felt sinful but it wasn't cheating.
  • I have spent way too much money on food this week (like the equivalent of a month's worth; including our 'eating out' indulgence money.) It's a good thing we don't budget or I'd really be battling some guilt issues.
  • My skin feels really soft.
  • I just have the weekend to make it through.
  • I feel pretty good - though I'm awaiting some kind of 'awakening' that I'm doubtful is going to happen: lets call it being cautiously optimist.
My favorite quotes from Danny about the challenge:
  1. "No wonder deer spend their entire lives trying to find food."
  2. [After eating 1/4 of a 'pizza' from Omar's and some almond hummus]: "My mouth is full--not my stomach."
In other cleansing & vibrance news:
Danny joined me for his first hot-yoga Bikram class yesterday evening. He did great for the entire 90 minutes. I was so proud of him. In eagle pose he even got his arms underneath one another, and the instructor said: "Danny you're really flexible." Which is not something my husband is used to hearing about himself at yoga classes.

The truth is I get pretty giddy and fall even more in love when him when he practices wiht me, because yoga is such a hugh part of my life. And it may be the heart-expanding raw-food talking, but isn't it awesome when we get to share the things we love with the people we love?

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