Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Yoga, Trashy Earth Articles, Another Baby and Summer Stuff

Eating-Up Arts Fest - June 2011

It seems pretty ridiculous to me that I haven't blogged in a month. That' so not like me. Where's my catharsis? Where's my vernacular vomit of the mind? Where's my outpouring of too much information: stories of poop and potty training and all the brilliant culinary masterpieces I've been (rem, supposed to have been) creating with flow and ease?

Yeah, not so much here.

If you haven't noticed, this blog has basically become the link to two sites: my monthly yoga spots on Fox and my "Third Thursday bit" on Make and Takes (which oddly enough, hit the blogosphere this morning).

And yes, there's plenty to talk about: Holden's love of Lagoon, our gardens, my uncanny ability to grow mint and lavender, the fact we've been EC-ing for more than two years and Cito is still not 100% diaper-free (though getting closer).

There's a baby on it's way... I'm 22 weeks, finishing up the 5th month and easing into my 6th month (breaking out maternity clothes and coming to terms with the fact that I really do "look" pregnant -- especially by the end of the day). We chose not to find out the sex -- well, I chose and Danny went along because I'm kind of a militant matriarchal tyrant, and that's even before you figure in pregnancy hormones.

We are officially a one car family: Danny sold his Subaru earlier this summer and opted for a sage-green Buddy Scooter (he's so comfortable in his manhood). Apparently he's already started looking at cars. :)

I still want to blog about our Disney Cruise experience (I took notes because I knew it would take me a while to get around to it); and I'd like to jot down a little more info about our RAGNAR experience (about 15 weeks preggers and a head cold that peaked right around my 2am run).

Plus there's the 4th of July festivities (Holden rode in the Millcreek Lions Club Parade with his cousin Max in a powerwheel), Holden's new found love of Lagoon (Danny bought season's passes for me and little bits), naked tea parties and Holden's first "friend birthday party." It was cowboy party for a neighborhood friend and they had a friggin' pony in their back yard (more on this awesomeness later.)

I'm sure eventually I'll get around to it.

But in the meantime, the links for this past week:

Last Saturday I had my sister Celeste help for a "Core Cultivation" segment on Fox 13. She did a great job (especially since she's not really a practicing yogi). And of course, the link to Make and Takes: a riveting little piece about getting started with composting. (It's borderline life changing).

Well, there you go... me doing my 'stuff' trying to save the world one toddler, yoga asana or article at a time. No matter how much things change, they really just stay the same, eh?

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swensen squeeze said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!! So happy for you!!