Friday, April 20, 2012

Our TIme in Eden (forgive me Natalie Merchant)

Today Holden and I spent time in the garden while Zoë tok a little afternoon siesta. It was pretty much how I imagined gardening with him to be (or how I've been hoping it would be). For the past two summers he's been too young, I think. I mean there's obviously been valuable lessons and great opportunities for him to learn about the world around him... but he never seemed entirely content. I spent most of the time "entertaining" him in the garden; often getting frustrated he wasn't better at self-play in our time in Eden. 

But today he took to the soil like a champ:

"We're digging for dinosaur bones."
"Oh hello worm, my name is Holden."
"We've got snails!" (Which we don't, but he kept saying we did.)

Everything was exciting.

"This is soo fun!" He'd say, and then fall face down into the (soon-to-be) home of our tomatoes. "Oh! I'm stuck."

It was awesome. I got so much "work" done today - I'm even happy to report that I dove into our compost to spice up the ph of the planter boxes. And he just entertained himself - along side me, in the front yard and never once made an attempt to sneak into the street or out of my (liberated-but-still) watchful eye.

We found carrots already sprouting, and oregano plant that survived the winter and looks awesome! An onion start, rhubarb ready for crisp (any day now) and that the potatoes had indeed done their job as week deterrents making a nice new space for beans and such this year.

Finally, a day (or a few moments) realistic to like I purport to lead on facebook (you bliss, eco - whatnot.)

Three years old RULES.

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