Friday, June 8, 2012


I introduced Holden and Zoe to the Beatles this week. So it seemed more logical to share a few bits from Yesterday than try and blog Eight Days a Week. Also, yesterday Zoë officially turned SIX months yesterday. I will update more on her stats and lifestyle after her check-up Monday.

But in other news, this is the pizza we had for dinner last night. 

A whole-wheat-white hybrid that desperately needed more salt.
But it sure looked cool cooking in the oven.

Yes, I recognize my pizza-stone looks like it's been through war; but I took the picture because I thought that bubble in the crust was pretty fun-looking. 

NEXT: this shot of Holden was taken shortly after exiting the grocery store last night. 

Yes, that's raw broccoli. He had run in quick with me to get some leeks while we left Zoe sleeping in the car (don't call Child Protective Services, of course Danny was with her).

While I was gathering the onion-ish things up, I turned just in time to see Holden lean into the produce display and take a giant bite -- right into the top of it. So of course I was freaking out: first, we were not in the *organic section (ahhhhh pesticides!!!), and the produce obviously hadn't been weighed (ahhhh! 3 year old clepto!)

He apologized to the cashier. I was mortified... And of course, proud.

*(Um, just in case you didn't catch my sarcasm, we really do eat conventional produce more than I'd care to admit; but I did anyway.)

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