Saturday, July 7, 2012

Week in Review

This sleeping beauty turns 7 months today:

This is Zoë, asleep in the Ergo with sunscreen smudges in her hair
at the Sandy Independence Day Parade - can you believe those lashes?!?!?
It's killing me that she has already figured out crawling (she's not fast yet, but ridiculously mobile). We've given her some solids (just let her try out some fruits and veggies on her own... no rice cereal this  time around, but you should see that girl play with an avocado.) She's a good sleeper, but recently has been enjoying 2-hour nursing sessions from 7-9 at night (and then who knows when throughout the night... I'm half-asleep.) She's delightful and happy and chill and thinks her brother is the sweetest thing in the world.

Like most of you, we've had an exciting week.  Here some of the high-points:

I worked on the campaign... here's a little ditty posted on Friday. Earlier in the week I finally caved and let Danny shave his and Holden's head. 
Look at that mischievous grin

So in an odd twist, Zoë now has the second longest hair in our family. 

Who needs "Baby Einstein" when you've got a mirror to give constant stimulation?!?

We spent a lot of time with my family and enjoyed a couple of parades on the 4th: our annual East Millcreek Parade where the kids walk away with more candy than Hallow's Eve, and then we joined the WE Team for the Sandy Parade and walked with Scott

The Mangum and Smith Clans sportin' WE tee's
and getting ready to walk the parade route
Yes, I'm happy, but it was H.O.T... Holden rode in the trailer (behind the Landcruiser)
with his cousins, while Danny, Cassandra, Zoë and I passed out literature.
Zoë was a good sport; though did I mention she weighs 22 lbs AND is
100 percentile for height AND weight? Carrying her was my workout for the day...
It took her 20 minutes to make it from one side of the carpet to her furry-friend. 

Great week. Love my kids. Thankful for my jobs. Married to an amazing guy.
Life is indeed beautiful. 

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