Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Ohio Cousins

I'm especially fond of the "Suite-Girl" Cousins
Cicely and the Cains were in town earlier this month. We took family pictures with the new additions of Zoë and Gwen. It was also the "babies" first time meeting. I say 'babies' because they are just over 3 months apart, but you'd think Z was a year older. I don't know what her rush is...
I love that she's a little person but slooow down!!!

At the Second Superhero Bash
The tragedy of the visit was that when the Cains arrived Zoë was sick with a head cold, a few days later (as I mentioned in Holden's bday post) they came down with ear infections and caught the stomach fly, and before they left both my kids had the flu too...

Making a Mardi Gras Mask at Discovery Gateway
And then Modeling it at Home

The good news is we did get some time together... And when Zoë was having her 24-hr bug, Holden enjoyed some time at Children's Discovery and the Planetarium, and Holden got yet another bday celebration out of it.

My mom sent over a bunch of pictures so I could be involved in a little of the fun times. These ones of Holden and Faye (just 6 weeks his senior) at the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum came with the caption: "We only lost him once!" 

And the pic below is at the Planetarium - with Miles, Faye and Holden. I am so glad Holden got the opportunity to spend some extra time with them. I miss Cicely so much. Hope they return to us in SLC sooner than later!!!!

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