Saturday, May 4, 2013

Busy Saturday

So I've entered a couple of "Yoga Challenges" on Instagram. One is called "BendyYogis" and the other is "May The Force Be With Yogis." Both have already been super humbling. Take today for instance. (The picture to the right showcases that I have a LONG ways to go in lotus pose, and this shoulder opener I made a silly face for reminded me there's years of damage from swimming and volleyball that yoga is slowly helping me repair.)
A couple more of the 'challenge' pics from Instagram...

This pic is from DayThree of the BendyYogis challenge
(Friday is always a strength day).
So this afternoon Danny and i wanted to go see IronMan3. We wore out the kids with Holden's soccer game, errands and then the Live Green Festival downtown I really wanted to check out. Both kids were alseep around 6:30 and we got an entire night to ourselves. He was such a good sport. We got on the internet, googled "Partner Yoga" and "Acro Yoga" and tried to recreate the magic at home.

Yes, my husband is a total saint. This picture to the left we never quite got right. I left the photos out of me crashing and rolling to the floor... I'm not sure if his hamstrings will ever be the same. Good thing we warmed up with some partner stretches before (if you know what I mean...)
This one to the right is totally my fave. I have been trying to work on my backbends lately and I feel so much joy in backbending. It was fun to do it with Danny supporting me.

And then a bunch of pictures below from our time at the Live Green Fest. I'm pretty sure Holden's favorite part was playing with the Legos at the Hogle Zoo booth. 

He also tried his first Vegan Hotdog. Danny tried one too. Holden finished most of his. Danny took one bite and threw it away. Hot dogs scare me: vegan, kosher, all beef, tofurkey, PETA approved...I dont really care how it's made. I don't eat them. In any variety. 

Holden's playing soccer now on Monday's and Saturdays. He's not real aggressive, watches the sidelines as much as he watches the ball and doesn't really care who wins or loses. Proving once again that I do not carry very dominant genes. But he loves playing and he BY FAR has the coolest hair of anyone on the field. I attended a yoga class this morning and then jumped in the car and headed over to his game... followed by errands and then the Live Green Fest. It was a super busy and super amazing Saturday. He took all the stairs to the top of the Library Square building. We did it together. I think I will remember it forever. 

So he wasn't really into the hula hoops. Zoe-bug was really into the live music. And I learned that "green" people sometimes get buried in wicker-basket-coffins... so we all learned something today. 

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