Thursday, December 3, 2015

2015 Holdenism Highlights: As remembered primarily through facebook

 Holiday Holdenism:
"Mom, I believe in Santa," he says, as we're listening to Christmas music on the way to school.
"Me too," I say. "But I'm not sure about the whole flying-reindeer-thing."
"Yeah, I think it's chickens," he says, and then gives it a little more thought "....well, some type of bird. It would need to be an animal that flies."

Holdensim taste test results:
He says, "Kombucha is like the most horrible-ist thing ever."

"Mom, I want to learn about Raphael."
When he asked Danny about Raphael, Danny responded with an answer about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. “No, the artist Dad.”

In honor of Black History  -- we tried to spend some time talking about Dr. King and Civil Rights at home.
"Mom, Jesus was a Civil Rights guy... the best one."
On another occasion we talked about how there is still plenty of work to do: we need to set an example of peace, love and tolerance for others... and that somehow segued to him responding:
"But Heavenly Father never uses his force field on me."

On a recent fieldtrip to the Museum of Natural History at lunch, Holden says to one of our friends who is chaperoning: "My mom and I are very concerned about Donald Trump becoming president."

Yesterday's Holdensim (6 years old, lest we forget):
Me, talking to (non-FBee) Lindsay Morgan while Holden's in the room: 
"Well, if I learned anything from my dream it's that I need to call Jane Marshall."
Holden: "Mom, you should call... wait, what was that Civil Rights leader?"
Me -- just looking perplexed.
Holden: "The black guy."
Me (with furrowed inquisitive brow): "Um, Martin Luther King?"
Holden: "Yeah! you should call him."
Me & Lindsay: "Why?"
Holden: "Because he had a Dream too!"

My Mom asks, “So Holden, what's your favorite thing to study in school?”
Holden: “That's easy--zoology! Oh, and botany.”

Two for One Holdenisms:
First, his conversation with Zoë...she had been singing songs of her own creation.
H: "So Zoë, what are you going to be when you grow up?"
Z: "Um, I will make Princesses."
H: "What? You're not going to be an Opera singer? But you are the best singer! Way better than I was at your age."

And second, less than five minutes later he tells me:
"Mom, when I grow up, I don't want to be a monster hunter. They just want to live in their natural habitat."
"I don't think monsters are real, Holden."
"Sasquatch is," he says emphatically.
"Good point."

And after his sister invents a new “YogaNinja” character, Holden tells us she says:

“I will Namaste in your face.”

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