Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Beginning of Fabulous

OK people! Here it is. . . the debut of my blog. I'd say it's back by popular demand but as I have never actually blogged before -- My Space doesn't count -- it's not really back by popular demand. It's more "backed" by popular demand.

Sure I'm behind the bell curve, but ever since Saint George Magazine decided they were taking their magazine in a "different" direction; I figured I needed to give my readership (um, my family) some where to find me outside of my bi-monthly SkyWest Magazine publication.

So, topics to be discussed in future blog entries:
*Me almost burning down our apartment (i.e. why I'll never cook pork chops in stilletos again)
*Danny and I almost buring down our aparment, again
*Metropolitan -- friggin fabulous dinning in the S.L.C.
*Reason #217 why I loathe Utah Valley (you are never going to believe what a reporter asked me about the other day)
*SLC's most eligible female bachelorette's (Lindsay Elizabeth Morgan, Shannon Short of Grand America Fame)
*The greatest photogrpaher you'll ever get in Utah (and how the story relates to Paris Hilton)
*Why my cousin's idea about a sending a Democrat Clone Army to Iraq is more genius than you could ever imagine
*My thoughts about eHarmony and how apparently at one time I was the least compatablefemale in Western civilization
*I'm going to be on TV!!!!

But that's just a teaser. I'm still trying to get comfortable with the idea that my "journal" is going to be available to be read by the masses (although, let's be honest . . . even if this blog were to catch on, I'd probably get like 10 hits a month . . . and most of them would be me trying to up my numbers.)

Thanks for stopping by. . . we'll figure this thing out together along the way.