Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yoga Part 1: "I'd rather be in Chivasana"

By the way, that word is spelled wrong (sheh - vas- eh - nah, phonetically).

So I've had this blog for approximately 24 hours and already NO-ONE has read it. I googled myself today (I know, totally ethnocentric right?); but I googled myself to see if maybe, just maybe, my blog might be listed somewhere in the 10 pages or whatever comes up right? Um, no ... not exactly. It's all references to that "incident" with the passenger in Boise that had two "really huge beers" at the airport before he got on a plane; and I'm explaining to the press why he did what he did on descent into SLC ... well, I'm sure you can find the story on your own. Needless to say, not one of my more glamourous moments in public relations.

So back to the s-word. . . or C-word, I guess. Chivasana . . . apparently it the relaxing part of yoga. I've been attending classes somewhat sporadically for the past 3-4 months or so, and I must say . . I'm no yogi master (obviously); but one of the hardest things for me is the relaxation at the end of class!! ANYone who knows me, knows full well that my mind bounces entirely too fast to relax. And forget it if I've had any caffine that day . . . which by the way, I am constantly trying to ween myself from.

Caffine and I are like an alcoholic's relationship . . . they say that even if an alcoholic turns sober (say even for like 10 years); the minute he picks up the bottle . . . that first drink, he's picked up where he left off. That could of been a 3 day bender in 1997; but it's reality to him. Same thing with me an the Diet Mt. Dew. . . necter of the gods, I used to call it (that kind of sounds like Yoda "necter of the godsm it is, hmm?). . . anyway, once I have a drink again, I'm back on the bandwagon, needing to drink 72 ounces before 11 am in the morning. And then oddly enough, I have sympathy pains for that passenger on the Boise flight... I gotta go . .

OK, well... hopefully with this being issue/post/edition/etc #2 I am officially a blogger. Because one blog does not necessarily make you a blogger. . . but certainly two entries is a start.

Namaste fan club (although, let's be honest . . . Danny is boycotting my new pastime and Brandi and Marissa are about the only people I've mentioned this blog too and they're both entirely too hip to get on a computer at night. . . . btw, "hip" in this case is code for "entirely too interested in working out than playing techie."


post script. obvious problems with this post -- typos, grammar, spelling, and the use of "they" in the alcoholics reference. I think "they" may be the ppl at those al-anon metings I attended in college.