Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Dessert

Not a lot to report today -- just wanted to check in for Sanity's sake (she's been a coveted friend of mine for some time) . . . although we don't spend quite the Q.T. with one another we ought to (at least, I'm sure that's what our friendly neighborhood mental health professional would recoomend).

I had a great dinner at Sage's Cafe Friday night with Danny and my Sister Cassandra and her husband Wade. Our favored yoga instructor, Jami, works there and I tried Buckwheat noodles for the first time in my life. I think I'm going to steer clear of eating things with souls for a bit . . . especially yard bird. I've adopted Jami as my new personal guru (she doesn't know that yet, so that may make me more of a stalker than a student). . . but she's just so happy and fully of light. I think she's really adopted the path of enlightenment.

Danny bought a grill on Saturday -- so he's feeling a testosterone rush like no man can until he too puts together an 87-piece cooking machine. He made steaks for our dinner this evening with Cassandra's family. We had lots of fresh veggies and fruits . . . it was really nice. And then we went to Temple Square with our niece and nephew . . . Max (age 2) was especially upset that he couldn't get into the temple . . . so much so that he stopped dead in his tracks while we were walking between varieties of tulips, clenched his fists, shook them and shouted "temple!!!" cursing the sky like a cartoon character who had just been outdone by his nemesis.

It was actually pretty adorable.

Anything else to report?

*First headstand in yoga. . .literally turned my world upside down this weekend
*Got some great advice from a friend who said that things would get before they get worse... and to "hang in there." (It was actually kind of sweet . . . gave me warm fuzzies and the like).

Oh, using my dad's computer and he just got home . . . feel like I'm in Jr high and "Daddy's" going to catch me on the phone after my 10 pm phone curfew.