Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rocky Mao-uhn High

Hello my pretties from DIA.

What a week. Monday and Tuesday in Utah’s Dixie.
Wednesday in Elko – central to everywhere, close to nowhere.
And Thursday & tomorrow – Denver. It’s a quick business trip; but quite delightful. My flight touched down around 3:30 or so… I finally got to my hotel room at 4:45. Needless to say, hotel shuttles do not travel at a New York minute.

My quest to not eat anything with a face is not going so well. . . I got sooo tired of chicken, but I found myself eating a turkey sandwich in Elko . . . not an interesting story so I’ll spare you the details.

Celeste, my younger sister, lives in Denver with her boyfriend Jerome . . . they’ve been together well over a year, and I still don’t know his last name. . . we went to dinner at the Paramount Café. It was noisy; and there were two Heinekin (sp?) Girls walking around trying to get ppl to taste their light beer variety. It didn’t thrill me at all . . . I mean, I didn’t try the beer; but the whole philosophy of a Heinekin girl. Especially because I would think they would try and talk to men in their little skimpy outfits; but they kept trying to pawn off the beer to ladies.

Also, I was having problems breathing by the end of the meal because I ate too much. I read in this yoga book that one Yogi Guru said that when you eat, use ½ your stomach for food, ¼ for water, and the last fourth for breathing. . . Unfortunately, I think I used 7/8 for food, and filled the last eighth with water . . . I seriously could not get a deep breath, and then I got the hiccups! Like a fatty cartoon from the Disney Channel. . .. at least I didn’t see Pink elephants on parade.

****Big news for the suite-mangums . . DANNY GOT A PROMOTION!!!! We are so rich, we can finally afford to pay tithing. ;)

Also, we’re speaking in church on Sunday; and trying to put together and ice cream social for our church. . . any ideas send em our way. I thought it sounded like a brilliant idea to usher in springtime, and BAM! Hail and snowstorms along the Wasatch Front. Score: Weather 1 Sabrena Z-E-R-O.

We’re gearing up for our European Vacation . . . we take off on May 8th. I have been practising (that may be a more “across the pond" kind of spelling, but you get the gist of it) my Frenchie a lot lately. I gave up freedom fries last week, and started eating the real thing from Mickey-D’s. (I kid, I kid). Also, I am trying to have as many pastries as possible so my body won’t go through a sugar/carb shock once I get to the land of revolution. I am also looking into making buttons that say, “I may be American, but I don’t like my president either.” Or perhaps a nice T-shirt.. . .

Well, I just wanted to check-in.

post script. I think it's spelled SHAVASANA!!!!!