Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm tired . . . Thank Goodness tis Friday

My legs and feet are aching; I have some sort of odd cough that feels like an itch in my throat from allergies and I can tell I need more fruits and veggies in my diet.

Happy 4:20 everyone . . . Danny and I will not be lighting any blunts tonight; we practice Earth Day, at least that's what Diane Sawyer has us thinking about -- "We are energy gluttons." It's true. It takes so much friggin energy just to be me.


I took 6 flights in 5 days this week.. Have you seen those Marriott commercials about the "road warriors?" that's me . . . travel kills me; especially when it's just for work, not so much for fun.


Melissa (Lowder's) birthday party was tonight . . . it was like my 10-year highschool reunion, I just needed Sarah Stohl there and some of the other gals I played V-ball with and it would have been perfect...


I need Shavasana...

Namaste. Good night and good luck.

c'est moi