Monday, May 28, 2007

If I don't build it, you'll stop coming

I don't have on my glasses, so apologies again for the typos.

Here's what's on my mind for Memorial Day.

It was super cool to see Earl and Carol Holding this weekend in Sun Valley. They're the owners of Sun Valley Resort, Grand and Little Maerica hotels, Sinclair Oil, Snowbasin and a bunch of other properties. Anyway, I haven't seen them since I was a nanny for their grandchildren back in the mid 90s (wow, that sounds like sooo long ago.) But they were so gracious . . . and it was just a blast from the past to see them. Filled my heart with wonder.

I also saw my stylist Logan with his partner in Sun Valley. He was running a 1/2 marathon. . . Logan is responsible for making my hair look like a Pantene commercial . . seriously, when I do my hair (or better said, when he does my hair), it looks friggin' amazing.

It was a weekend of relationships.


I am very competitive . . . even at sports that I suck at like tennis. Danny and I beat Chief (my father in law) and Danny's sister Anne. I kept gtting really upset. They seemed to be fine being done after 2 sets (tied). I couldn;t believe it . . . no winner?!?! No wonder I hate playing board games . . . I'm not good at those either.


Some other stuff I wanted to mention . . . .

**I LOVE the Dwayne Wade commercial with Sir Charles when the waitnress asks Dwayne if Barkley is her dad.

**Commercials for anti-depressent drugs make you depressed.

**My husband is hot.

**I saw the JAZZ game tonight . . . at the NUKE BOX (aka Energy Solutions Arena). It was sad they didn't win, but a cool experience to be at the game.

**I was on TV last week; and now I may get to do the news!!!! Channel 2; details coming soon.

Also, I think I have a warped sense of humor, because I don;t seem to think many of the movies my husband finds hilarious to be that funny. . . but then again, he didn;t think Royal Tennenbaums was funny and I LMAO at the movie.

I love Burt's Bees anything.


I promise to write something funny next time.