Tuesday, November 6, 2007

YES UTAH!!! We voted NO!!!

What a friggin great day to be alive (especially if you're a democrat!)

First of all, Ref 1 (aka subsidized tax break for the rich to send their kids to private school) defeated!

Second: Another Dem for SLC's mayor! Yep, Danny and I voted for Becker. . . did I mention he sat a few rows in front of us at that session of LDS Conference that we went to? And I don't even think the dude's mormon. PS. That is one thing (of many) that I adore about living in the downtown SLC

Also, Danny and I had a romantic evening . . . we ate dinner at the Roof Restaurant overlooking the Salt Lake Temple.. . it was soooo awesome!!! We were celebrating another tremendous day at work! They have a great buffet; and they even bring you those fresh hot buttery rolls to die for from the Lion House. . . . I gorged on two varieties of chocolate cake, some key lime pie, a tart that wasn't that great and about 10 different offerings of cream . . . whipped pototates with butter/cream; pasta with butter cream sauce, strawberries with whilled cream . . . good thing I've been trying to gain a little weight lately, eh?

Man, am I tired.

But good news! I got to hit a yoga class last night -- so my chakras are feeling much more aligned.

I'm diggin' on my job. i get to do so many different things. I was reflecting back to my first month of training at SkyWest and I remembered thinking that I wanted to be the person that gave the new hire orientation . . . that told employees all about SkyWest's travel benefits, and talked all about our culture . . . and I remember thinking that was coolest job ever. . .

And now i do that as part of my job!!!! So crazy.

I think I may be taking a business trip to Chicago next week. . . I'm hoping I get a chance to track down some Gino's East pizza . . . I'm trying to convince him to take a "business trip" with me; but his schedule is a little complicated.

And the Suite-Smith's (Cassandra and co) are relocating to Cincinatti for a year. I told Tatum and Max (Sassa's two kids) I would miss them when they moved. (Max is REALLY excited about going to Ohio ... the kid must be a Buckeyes fan). Anyway, I told him I would miss him; he said I would be coming with him... aren't kids fabulous.

Well, sorry this is kind of boring. . . I'll try to be funny later this week. . .

Love you - namaste.