Tuesday, December 23, 2008

10th Day of Christmas - Let the Mustard Ring Reign!

On the 10th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Role reversal from the kitchen to sports and TV!
But before we get to that, just a couple of key points:
  • Kat our midwife said today that Holden has (FINALLY!) move to the appropriate position, head down and all… which is great news for more than one reason (I guess I don’t have to do the acupuncture thing now).
  • In case you missed it, Cicely had her baby on Monday and for most accounts baby Faye and mother are doing well. I think they’re keeping them at the hospital to watch Faye’s temperature and Cicely’s blood levels or something for another night or two.
  • Thanks to everyone for their suggestions for Christmas Eve dinner. I’ve spent most of the day preparing and am looking forward to pretending to be an adult tomorrow.
  • Also, we’re at the 35 ½ week mark – Holden’s due a month from today. So a week and a ½ left an apparently if the kid comes early he’ll still be considered “full term.” Huzzah! Hope his new cousin beating him down here doesn’t rush him too much.

OK, back to the role reversal:

That’s right people, I am on the couch, in front of the tube while my hubby is in the next room – even the kitchen!— cooking up a *mustard ring for Christmas Eve dinner whilst I watch the TCU/Boise State Poinsettia Bowl. (When exactly did I begin to care about this game? It was probably about the same time I started liking Danny’s dog… love a man, love his dog, eh?)

Anyway, I adore Boise State… first of all, their colors are my two favorite chakras! The second chakra -- just below the naval at the “creative center” represented by ORANGE; and the throat chakra, represented by Blue (5th Chakra I believe?)

And their win over Oklahoma as a BCS Buster two years ago is going to make a Disney Movie possibly as fun to watch as the High School Musical Trilogy! Isn’t Troy Bolton sooooo dreamy?!?! (I crack myself up).

I should also mention, that the Frog’s are Purple, which of course is the Young Women Value for “Integrity” … so, obviously this is a tough decision. I feel so polarized. ;)

Actually, I am totally cheering for the Horned Frogs… even though I’m a huge fan of the Smurf Turf (ask your husband if you don’t get the reference), I need someone in the Mountain West Conference to pull a win after that Team Down South’s ridiculous performance Saturday night.

Someone help clarify why everyone’s jumping ship from the Max Hall Bandwagon? I mean sure the interception/turnover thing… but find a new scapegoat. Easy target? Sure. But why isn’t anyone calling for Bronco’s head? I mean, two of (if not) THE most important games of the year – the Utes and BYU’s bowl game and the team loses miserably? I say the “quest for perfection” was seriously affected by “the pride cycle.” There’s no “Max Hall” in team…at least there isn’t really anymore apparently. Too bad for the Zoobies.

I’m hoping the Utes can “Hang” with Bama when it’s our turn. I’m not ridiculous enough to believe that we should be favored in this game… but I want Johnson to play consistent, for our defense to NEVER run a “prevent,” Kruger to throw down (whatever that means) and King Louie to reign supreme like he has his entire tenure. I love that guy. I kept telling my sister in law she should date him, but I really like her boyfriend so I gave up on it and just decided to share in my husband’s crush of the guy (yeah, Danny’s way comfortable with his sexuality.)
Long Live King Louie!

Oh my gosh,
the smells from the kitchen are nauseating… Mustard Ring requires Apple Cider Vinegar… it smells like we’re dying easter eggs or something. My eyes are watering… I’m starting to lose consciousness…. Computer screen getting fuzzy…Not sure if I can continue…

If I pass out mid sentence typing, you’ll understand why.

Let’s just close with the quote of the night from my husband, who I told to use the Organic Sugar Cane to make his creation:

“There’s nothing organic about mustard ring.”


*Danny and I do not actually like mustard ring… it looks like congealed mustard jell-O and smells about as good. His family makes it for special occasions whenever they serve ham. We were telling my parents about it and they couldn’t believe such a concoction existed (it also calls for 4 eggs, which with my mom’s allergies would never make it remotely close to my parents kitchen). I hope someone is actually brave enough to try out Danny’s masterpiece tomorrow. It is a time-honored Mangum tradition… we’ll see if the chef is brave enough to try his own creation.