Monday, December 22, 2008

9th Day of Christmas - YEP CICELY HAD HER BABY!

On the 9th Day of Christmas SuiteSpots gave to Me,
A tribute to my younger sister Cicely (and some other stuff she’s inspired).

She just had her baby this morning at 4:30 am!!!! … which totally makes sense of last night’s most wretched sleep ever. I think Holden was anxious about saying goodbye to his cousin and consequently had hiccups and restlessness for the majority of the night.

Cicely’s going to name her baby Faye Suite Cain… so no more Fetus Cain, but the acronym is the same. ;)

I’m sure she’ll announce something publicly as soon as she can walk again… ;)

Cicely ended up having her baby au-natural… pretty cool. I’m proud of her and am anxious to hear more about her process. I mean, she did not decide on an unmedicated birth until like a week ago, so I would say that’s pretty ballsy (also, my dad says I use the word “balls” too much). But it’s Christmas, and "Bulbs" doesn’t have the same effect now does it?

When we were living together (us renting the basement and the Cains upstairs where we occupy now); she was way into this “FlyLady” thing… it’s a website dedicated to gaining self-confidence in your homemaking by keeping your kitchen sink shined or something. So I told Danny I was going to start the program today so instead of beating myself up for only getting 4 or 5 things crossed off my list of 40, I can feel like I’ve actually accomplished something.

So one of the first things they have you do is watch this video that’s supposed to be inspirational showing you clean and shiny sinks and sounds like Janice Kapp Perry wrote the music and lyrics. Now I’m a month away from giving birth – an EMOTIONAL LAND MINE – and I couldn’t stop laughing… You should check it out…

It doesn’t mean I’m not going to do the program… it’s just that I can’t imagine being soooo overwhelmed that watching a slide show of dirty kitchens brings you to tears. (Wait, I've cried over less than that in the past 35-plus weeks), but I am still flummoxed by the whole thing. But Cicely was swearing by the program… and I need to be in good habits before the baby gets here.

Thankfully, since we’ve got a little more space, there’s not as much clutter in our pad--unless you count the Christmas decorations… and GOOD NEWS people! I found the missing Christmas decorations… did I already tell you my Chrismukkah CD showed up? And our Christmas stockings and a couple of other things… so all is well in Zion.

PS. Thanks to those of you who have emailed me recipes, posted here (Al) or sent a message via Facebook…keep them coming! I may just have to do them all and keep ‘em on hand through New years!

Oh and Katie, I’m happy to report the sty is in check… thanks for your advice!