Thursday, December 25, 2008

12th Day of Christmas - round up and farewell

On the 12th day of Christmas SuiteSpots gave to me,
confessions and some thoughts on Christmas outside the nativity.

So here's the "randoms" from Christmas before I settle down for a long winter's nap... or just before going to bed.

  • After 36 weeks and FINALLY making it to the 9th month (or 10th lunar month to give credit where credit is due); I am not a great sleeper anymore... it's not the bathroom thing, or that I'm uncomfortable... it's just that I literally CAN'T stay asleep. Weird. The other day I got up at 5 and had cooked breakfast, packed Danny a lunch and gone to the grocery store and back all before 7:30. (Is this my brand of "nesting?"
  • My feet feel like nubbins when I get up in the morning... I feel like I'm kinda (absolutely) puffy now... I mean, my piggy toes and fingers look like mini sausages. It's a good thing we're not big pork eaters in this family, or Danny might mistake my phalanges for Jimmy Dean sausages.
  • Christmas was great... but how is it that Holden can have SOOOO many presents when he is not even out of the womb yet?!?! He's well loved and well "showered' with gifts.
  • Danny got me a gorgeous swarovski (sp?) crystal necklace - totally love it; AND a GPS... because let's be honest, the only time I know I'm heading East is when I'm going "up" the mountain... so when I get to the avenues I'm all sorts of turned around.
  • Heart burn hit... silly me to think I could escape it.
  • I cry at least once a day... can you say "emotional basket case?"
  • Last night's Christmas Eve dinner went off great... really cool feelings in the house, dinner was nice and I have a new appreciation for my mom and ANYONE who plays point on hosting a holiday dinner (How have our mother's and grandmothers done it all these years?!?!). The only real problemo was that my Dad was the last one we remember having the remote to the TV and it has been MIA since...
Merry Christmas... I almost made it 12 straight blogging days... it's exhausting, but a good exercise nonetheless. Please do not EVER expect me to EVER keep up this pace again....