Monday, December 15, 2008

3rd Day of Christmas

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me;
A website making fun of my personality.

So my true love didn’t actually turn me onto this website, but my cousins did – and they love me, so it’s kind of appropriate.

Stuff White People Like

I’m sure most of you have already heard about it… but the latest entry is full of Holiday fun. Ever been to an ugly sweater party? Yeah, the response is not so much a yes/no… but more like, how many you’ve been too...

The only thing better would be if there was a Mormon version attached to this entry… because for Mormons, Sweater-Noggers are not about avoiding “religiosity” , it’s about being ironic… which in the end, is the exact point these bloggers make.

Just a sampling of why this site speaks to me… and why it’s so embarrassing that so much of it is true. ;)

The list:
  • #94 Free Healthcare – um hello?!? Basically the #1 reason I was a supporter of Hillary in the primary.
  • #92 Book Deals – what can I say? I dream of one!
  • #91 San Francisco – One of the first “trips” Danny and I took together (after I had been in wine country – Sonoma county)
    (That's Alcatraz behind us... so romantic!)
  • #90 Dinner Parties – I love these so much. I would have one every other week if I had the energy and resources. I (not so) secretly hope they’ll turn out like Catherine Zeta-Jones character in High Fidelity

    Dinner party with friends Alyssa and Christianne -- this was a while ago.

  • #87 Outdoor Performance Clothes – My husband is way more guilty of this one that moi, but it’s totally worth a read… especially in Utah.
  • #82 Hating Corporations – So easy to do philosophically; so much harder when you’re actually the spokesperson for one…
  • #75 Threatening to Move to Canada – Only Danny and I were a little more set on France than Up North if McCain won. ;)
See, we totally look great in paris! (Us in front of the Louvre).

  • #67 Standing Still at Concerts – I’m not much of a concert goer these days… but in my pre-Danny life it was pretty much at staple when I was living at Kilby Court.
  • #63 Expensive Sandwiches – This one is hard, because I also think white people love to hate carbs (or at least pretend like they do)… so there’s a total conflict of interest with this one.
  • #62 Knowing What’s Best for Poor People – Just try not to smile while reading their take.
  • #57 Juno – hello halloween costumes?!?!
  • #48 Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops – The best line: "White people need organic food to survive."
  • #44 Public Radio – "why [would] people who can afford TVs and have access to Youtube...spend hours listening to the opinions of overeducated arts majors." I'm a junkie for NPR. Danny says I blast it in my car like most people do for hip-hop/rap.
  • #42 Sushi – My 5-year old niece told her pre-school teacher her favourite food was sushi. Apparently hipsters come in all shapes and sizes.
  • #41 Indie Music – Wow, guilty as charged… though ever since I got married and quit my Spin and Rolling Stone Mag subscriptions, it’s hard to keep up.
  • Some others that make the list: Arrested Development, Daily Show/Colbert Report, David Seadris (just saw him in concert), Yoga (of course) Wes Anderson Movies (Danny hated Royal Tennenbaums… I love it!), and to round off the list there’s: Barack Obama,
    Organic Food & Farmer’s Markets and Film festivals (we felt so swanky when we say "Thank you for Smoking" at Sundance with our fancy tickets and rock star parking).