Monday, May 4, 2009

Quick, Magic, Et Cetera

So I’d like to run off the bed shortly, but I just wanted to give a quick little update (excited to share pics and the story-line from Holden’s big day on Sunday, but not tonight.)

Here’s a few things going on in my universe:

Took Holden to the Skyline High School Madrigal/Jazz Band concert last Friday night. After two pants-changes and fast approaching intermission, I thought I’d be discreet and just make another “swap.” Um yeah, he peed on me and the back of the chair in front of us (thankfully we were sitting in the middle of nowhere).

Granite Bakery has (next to home-made) the BEST sugar cookies in the world I think (although I ordered "baby rattles" and I swear they came looking like bowling pins...). I’m pretty sure I ate two-dozen cookies yesterday in varying varieties. I curse you après-church open house dessert bar!!!! As such, I have declared this week a cookie-free zone. One day down, 6 to go…

I love the TV series the “Big Bang Theory.” But I keep forgetting it’s on Monday nights, and iTunes only has the first series… what’s up with that?!?!

As you may have caught from my "tweet," Holden and I are reading the Harry Potter series together. Of course I see value in spending time reading his “Little Einstein” books and the like; but who doesn’t love HP?

Sooo, Dancing with the Stars just ended (I only caught the last 10 minutes anyway) and I think that’s my cue to hit the sack.