Thursday, August 13, 2009

Randoms, Again

So I should either be:

a) 'pumping' (sorry for the details)
b) painting my cabinets (I decided yesterday I wanted my kitchen cabinets white)
c) sleeping (no explanation needed, I'm a mom)
d) all of the above, none of which include blogging.

We returned from Lagoon (it's what fun is) a couple of hours ago. For the record, it is not the most desirable place to take a 6 month old who ONLY rides in a stroller about once a month. (Did Dr. Sears write a book on 'attachment parenting for amusement parks?!?!?)

I brought the sling -- just in case -- and was very grateful I had it (and that after 3 - 4 hours my mom somehow got Holden to fall asleep in the 'baby pusher.')

Plus it was blazin' hot... and even with a mister (i.e. spray bottle) and "momsicles" (ask Wikky H(2), wink wink), I still couldn't get his cheeks to turn anything but a flushed pinkish red.

The poor guy couldn't get comfortable... was tired, hot and the flower beds smelled oddly like manure. I am happy to report only one mullet sighting for the day; and I didn't see one couple sporting the 'I'm with Stupid' shirt! I'm thinking Lagoon's target audience/demographic has changed. (Any fellow Utahns care to weigh in?)

So yeah, I really should be painting my cabinets. I decided yesterday I wanted them white, so Danny came home to the beginning stage of my 'project' that probably has another 24 hours to go. (I am thankful for 'Fresh Aire' paint -- no icky smell, no harm to Holden/the world -- but doesn't anyone make a NO VOC primer too? The stuff takes a few more coats, if you know what I mean.)

Danny returns from Scout Camp/Jackson Hole tomorrow. We miss him.

Good Night all...