Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When It's Easy being Green - Episode 1

So as of late, I've been thinking about how there are sooooo many more things I could be doing to better respect God's Creation (i.e. Be Green!)

I blame/attribute this to Holden. I want him to grow up strong, healthy and be able to enjoy the the simple beauties life has to offer -- mountains, lakes, streams, sun rises and sunsets... I want him to have clean drinking water and freh air to breathe. I want him to know what a real tomato tastes like; and understand that 'juice' is not made from a can/package... but God created the best variety, just grab an orange and squeeze.

Like the majority of middle america, is experiencing the Recession Squeeze. So I thought I would take a moment and start with the 'green options' at a cost effective price point. Because in my studies, and reading, etc; it's pretty obvious to me that green living shouldn't cost more... it should SAVE you money.

So today's featured go-go green:

Canvas Bags
at the grocery store/Costco/etc...

"If just 5% of the population purchased a set of reusable bags, and used them exclusively, we could save 5.5 billion paper and plastic bags his year and in turn save 700,000 trees and 600,000 barrels of oil." -From economii.com

This is such an easy one, assuming you remember to bring them in. When I have small purchases, since I'm usually 'wearing' Holden at the grocery store anyway, I don't even have to mess with a cart. The groceries can go right in the bags (and I get a nice little forearm/bi-cep workout)... another bonus, most grocery stores offer a discount for bringing your own bags AND they are so much easier to carry. (Plus they hold more with out ripping/tearing, meaning less 'trips' to unload the car when you return home.)

Besides, who knew they were so cache?

Holden and I head to BEar lake this morning - hoping the weather is nice for the weekend so Danny joins us. I'm sure I'll send a 'tweet' or two...