Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My new favorite find..

Just discovered this website on recommendation from a 'Yahoo! Groups' mom: 'Continuum Family: Your Source for Natural Parenting Essentials' (and if that floats your boat, check out the Mormon version at the Progressive Pioneer.)

I also heart -- a recommendation from my Midwife, but certain to cause some quizzical looks from (the comment King) Darth Spencer ... and I do LOVE his comments. Especial the one about being green...

Speaking of web heroes: I want to invite that Progressive Pioneer (PP) over to my house for lunch. I would try to look cool by showing her all the things we have in common... like my awesome collection of canned goods, our love for yoga, home-made organic baby food... and we could swap stories about Infant Hygiene (EC), co-sleeping, baby wearing a 20-plus pound child and the benefits of breastmilk (I would try not to feel to sheepish about pumping full time since Holden refused to latch at 4 months)... and I would hide my Burberry and Coach handbags (as to not look too materialistic)... and turn the "organic" labels in my pantry facing out, and hide anything with HFCS or preservatives in the back of the cupboard...

Maybe she has some crafty all-natural ideas about how to re-purpose two pair of True Religion jeans that don't fit anymore (and by the time they do, most likely are NOT going to be in style).

Crap, what am I going to do with the Holiday candy?

I am not quite the bohemian attachment parent I aspire to be. That said, I think for the time being, I'll just be on stand-by jealousy of the PP and blogstalk her like a normal human being.