Friday, November 13, 2009

Update from the Couch

So I've been feeling a little under the weather since Tues morning. I think it's just a result of a busy weekend and not enough sleep.

Maybe I have 'little piggy flu,' but there's no fever and I basically feel like I just have a lame cold. I could go and get it checked, but if I do only have a virus, I don't want to be around all the sick people at the doctor's office. I think I may have incurred the initial 'zap' taking Holden for his nine month well baby checkup. The pediatrician's office was a ZOO! Everyone in masks, kids hacking up lungs and sneezing all over the place. Crying and whining because their bodies ache. It was like a scene from Outbreak or something.

Mostly I am praying I don't pass it on to Holden (he's showing no signs of being sick). But I am thinking of bathing him in breastmilk just to be safe. (You don't know if I'm kidding, do you?) Well, it's been shown to kill cancer cells, what's a little bacteria?

Speaking of kidding, the other day my friend asked me what I clean my face with; and I said 'grapeseed extract and baby pee;' and I was a bit disturbed because she believed me without hesitation. It's official... what I've long suspected for sometime now:I'm the Weird Friend. Oh, you already knew this? Hmmm.

So in other mommy news:
Just wanted to let you know, Holden's clapping (adorable) and eating yogurt (apparently it's a cow's milk dairy product you can feed to your kid before a year.)

He and Danny have been having sleepovers and I've moved to Holden's 'big boy bed' (aka. a twin mattress on the floor of the nursery taking the place of a crib that was used for clean laundry that needed to be folded.)

Special thanks to my husband for staying home and taking care of me on Tues...and Wed was Veterans days, LOVE the bankers hours because "HUZZAH!" he got to stay home and take care of me on Wed too!

Also, since I was sick I decided I needed some chicken soup. So, for the first time, I made some from scratch. My noodles were a bit too thin (wide, but thin); but it was my first attempt so I'm sure it can only get better. (Of course I wore a mask - then spent half the day on the couch because I wore myself out.)

I think I hear 'little bits' getting up from his nap. Time for a 'Pottytunity" for the little guy.