Wednesday, December 23, 2009

11th Day of Christmas

Things I am feeling particularly good about -
  • Most of my Christmas cards are out (or at least they will be postmarked out before Christmas) ha!
  • My presents are mostly wrapped (ok I have one more to wrap for Danny's Grandma)
  • We gave a few friends 'green' gifts (one of those green canvas bags with oranges and clementines with a message about how 100 billion bags are thrown away every year, etc). It felt good to have a soapbox in the the season...
  • I made Holden a book for Christmas; and I am really excited for him to open it
  • Most of our presents for family this year are made (that always puts me more in the mood for Christmas)
  • I have really amazing friends
  • The Chipmunks are playing in the background on Kozy 106.5
  • I don't particularly care for Delilah*

*The other day I was listening to her and she said something about cuddling up all cozy-like at the fire place and then said 'You probably don't even have a fireplace. I've got three. I live in an old farm house and..." yada yada yada.. she starts going off about her three fireplaces? What a weirdo. I think I could do better.

Love songs with Delilah -- the other night she was talking about how she was divorced and marriage just didn;t work for her... is that weird to anyone else but me?

Back to the post at hand. I am also feeling good about:
  • How Holden will just cuddle and snuggle up to me for no apparent reason
  • Stoked that he appears to have completely weaned from the bottle (even at nighttime, we just fill a sippy cup with water if he needs something to wet his whistle)... it's been four days and four nights, so I think we're safe?!?!
  • And that he's standing by himself for a few seconds and even took a couple of steps (ok, a step and a half?) today
I am nervous for him to walk... he needs to wait until his first birthday so I can be done pumping. I've mentioned it before, but that's another thing I'm looking forward to... I'm really happy to have 'nursed' Holden this long, but I won;t wish being a dairy cow...

He turns 11 months on January 1st. That is insanity...

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Meesh said...

Can you believe that our boys are almost one?! It kills me that it goes by so quickly. I hope that your christmas was awesome and that you enjoyed having a baby to share it with. It only gets better! Happy new year girl.